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Sunday, January 18, 2009
we gotta find Shorty and Steamboat
Listening to:the local news
Reading:letter from Birmingham jail
Weather:24, snowing
Steelers are going to the stupid bowl and likely to win, whooptifrickindoo. There's real news to attend to.

Tomorrow is MLK day so today I did my annual ritual of rereading the letter from the Birmingham jail. And we'll be one step closer to MLK's dream the following day when little black kids wake up in the White House! Finally. Though as my friend Ed pointed out to me, "there've been little black kids waking up in the White House for many years. Their moms work in the kitchen." Doubtlessly true. But this time is different. Finally. Though it's a little raggedy around the edges these days, the most powerful nation on this planet will have a black dude at the helm. All things are possible, children of the world.

And on the local news I'm disturbed to hear that Shorty and Steamboat are missing. They are apparently two old guys (one 77 and one 85, I think), Shorty is 5 feet tall, and Steamboat is 6'4", and their '99 Lincoln was last seen on 79 in WV yesterday. They were headed for Charleston. I sure hope those two guys are safe and warm somewhere tonight.

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we gotta find Shorty and Steamboat