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Saturday, January 31, 2009
when a Python script becomes a Monty Python script
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Google is clearly broken today. They've apparently added some very inoperable script that tags a shitload of webpages with some suspected malcode warning, and shows you "Warning: this site might harm your computer! bla bla bla"

If it worked right it might be cool, but since virtually every page that has been part of a Google result for me this morning is getting this warning, including reputable sites I am quite confident are safe, this is yet another Microsoft-style roll-out by Google. Then tend to just throw shit out there long before it is fully formed and bugless. So annoying, especially when they, like Microsoft, are a monopolizing behemoth that just buys up all the best competitors for everything. They have killed a number of nice apps I used to use, then 2 yrs later they roll out a very crippled version for free, rather than the mostly kickass version I was paying modestly for. Oy.

So I discovered this new bullshit on my own first this morning, then when I logged in to Twitter it was all the talk on there, so I knew then it wasn't just me. And along the Twitter way I surfed over to Leoville to see what my pop net tech guru had to say about it. And somehow I found myself over here and saw this hilarious bit of repartee ostensibly about ripping videos from YouTube (just keep reading):

Add "pwn" before youtube in the url of any youtube video to download it 25 points by jws 21 hours ago Brilliant! My wife sometimes shows Youtube clips in her psych classes, but the classroom internet is unreliable. She tries to use tubesock to nab them, but that fails more than it works. To be clear, the url should be something like //

7 points by martythemaniak 20 hours ago as an example, I present kittens riding a roomba

1 point by antiismist 20 hours ago Small world, my wife also shows youtube clips in her psych class, and has to download them b/c of lack of connectivity too.

6 points by whacked_new 19 hours ago Hahaha, I just had to say, that isn't "small world", that's coincidence.

26 points by dchest 17 hours ago Maybe it's the same lady, thus "small world".

OMFG! Please tell me that a couple of hacker nerds just found out their wife is a polygamist living a double life! Oh, and she's a freakin psych teacher! Oh, and finally I get to use a sentence where the plural subject is accurately paired with a singular predicate, sounding a lot like the subject/predicate DISagreement that I hear and see every freakin day that drives me bloody insane! This grammatical annoyance is second only to the rampant misuse of apostrophe S in this little part of the country (my favorite example is the sign at Betty's bar in Arden: "No Gun's Allowed.") Tell'em, SteveDave.

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when a Python script becomes a Monty Python script