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Sunday, February 01, 2009
I heart Bruce Cockburn
Listening to:Rocketlauncher acoustic, Bruce Cockburn
Reading:baroque guitar scores
Weather:45! Sunny!
It's above freezing for about the 2d time this month. I still can't see the actual surface of my driveway for the snow and ice, but I have high hopes for a glimpse of that gravel at some point today.

I heard an interesting lute piece on WV public radio on the classical show one day last week. The DJ, Jim Lange, said the album was nominated for a Grammy, and it's called Indigo Road. It's modern composition, not too common for that ancient instrument. My first thought when I heard the tune was that the sound engineer did a crappy job recording that guitar. But after a few minutes I could tell it had too many strings to be a guitar and deduced it was a lute. Had it been some renaissance dance tune or something I'd have figured it out quicker, but you just don't expect to hear 20th century music on lute. The player/composer is Ronn McFarlane. Dude doesn't even have a Wikipedia page yet. Tempting to create.

Anyhoo, masterful acoustic string instrument playing always brings me back to Bruce Cockburn. I've been in love with this dude since I first heard Rocket Launcher back in 1984, my freshman year of college. I listened to the WVU station, U92, a lot in those days, and Bruce was getting plenty of college radio airplay with this tune. Dig the master:

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Damn!!! Ya Gotta Heart Bruce!
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I heart Bruce Cockburn