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Monday, February 02, 2009
yeehaw, 6 more weeks of winter
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That little rodent bastard. Not like I actually expected any early relief from this wicked winter, but dang, the cold hard reality of another 6 weeks is just such a bitch especially on a Monday morning.

Go Steelers. Go Boss! Did you hear that Born To Run?!? What a beautiful song. The changes, the poetry, the rockin arrangement with full horns, the gorgeous perfect example of a bridge. The highway's jammed with broken heroes on a last-chance power drive. Just outfreakinstanding by all measures.

OK, true or false: Does smoking pot make you lethargic and unmotivated? For shit's sake, no. I know the government's disinformation campaign has brainwashed you so say yes, but may I please offer EXHIBIT A, Gold freakin medalist Michael Phelps doing a bonghit like a champ? And like the groundhog I'm sure I can predict Phelps' response to being outted from the weed closet: He'll say he regretted it. He'll say it was a mistake. He'll say he only did it that once. He'll say he wants to set a good example for the youth of amerika to say no to drugs.

Actually he is already a living example for those yout's. And a great one. Please don't taint that with lying. Please be a man, stand up, tell the truth. You're a responsible young adult pot smoker! This is your brain on drugs, a world champion athlete! I can tell by the way he's holding that bong, he's not a beginner. And it didn't ruin his life. If anything about being a partaker of the kindbud ruins his life, IT WILL BE ITS ILLEGALITY. That's the freakin problem. It's a little like gays in the military: they aren't a problem, homophobes in the military are the bloody problem. This war on weed is causing infinitely more harm than anyone's potsmoking ever could.

It's a plant. They call it weed because it grows like one. Trying to eradicate it is like trying to eradicate the dandelion. For many it is medicine. For many it is a safer kind of Miller time (only a few minutes earlier, 4:20). Responsible adults from every walk of life, every socioeconomic stratum, every corner of the earth smoke it regularly or occasionally and take care of business, raise their families, contribute as positive citizens.

It is beyond time to follow the money that buttresses marijuana prohibition and separate fact from fiction. Responsible adult potsmoking enhances the lives of millions of people, from astrophysicists to Olympic gold medalists, from ditchdiggers to lawyers. It's safe and valuable, and its illegality is what has ruined millions of lives, not its psychoactive properties.

It's time for a day of coming out. A day to courageously come out of the pot closet. Michael Phelps has the opportunity to be among the first. But sadly I'm predicting he'll see his shadow.

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yeehaw, 6 more weeks of winter