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Sunday, March 08, 2009
happy burfday to meeeeheeeeee!
Listening to:Tiny Dancer, Elton John
Reading:kindley goodness
I have attained the non-mystical age of 43. Halfway to 86, rock and roll to that.

My awesome mom gave me a Kindle2 for my birthday! It is the coolest toy evah! I sat on my porch this morning with my coffee and read the New York Times with no sound but the many songbirds. No rustling of paper. No crossword puzzle, so there's obviously a downside. But still, it is pretty damn amazing to have all this content just appear on this 1/4" thick dead sexy little piece of electronica. And this new version actually reads to you in audio if you want it to. Sweet. You could be reading a book, then have to head out to work and just take your kindle and plug it into your car stereo and have the reader read to you while you drive. And kindle remembers your place, too, whether you're reading the screen or listening to audio.

I'll post some updates on my actual usage in a week or two, so you can find out if she lives up to all her promise.

What a weekend. It didn't get below 71 degrees last night! I don't think that has ever happened in history on my birthday. At least not in the last 43 years anyway. Just luscious. And not a moment too soon, this has been a brutal winter. I'm ready to dig dirt, plant some seeds, sit out and listen to the birdies before work.

I'm also stoked about the US Supreme Ct ruling in Wyeth v. Levine. A musician lost her arm to gangrene because of the drug Phenergan. The evil empire tried to get the Court to agree that any drug with FDA approval used as labeled should be totally protected from injury lawsuits. As if the FDA is so kickass that we are all totally safe if they say we are. Puhlease. Pre-approval drug testing can never actually duplicate every possible circumstance of use in the real world. Older people especially are not included in lots of drug testing. Longterm use is never tested before approval. Damage lawsuits are an important part of the process for making drugs and labeling safe. And do you really think the federal government quality controls are so stellar that we need no other potential remedy?

Tally ho, another work week begins in less than 12 hours. So many toys, so little time to play with them.

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happy burfday to meeeeheeeeee!