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Wednesday, March 18, 2009
a new slice of Twitter and The Wrestler
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Reading:Born to Kvetch
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Are you mildly curious about Twitter, but still don't really what's point? Here's a cool new site that aggregates all posts by users who list WV as their location.

So have you seen The Wrestler yet? I caught it at the Warner downtown after work tonight, and I'm still reeling from the experience. Holy crap. I don't think we're in Hollywood anymore, Toto. But I didn't figure we would be, it's the mighty mighty Darren Aronovsky yelling "cut!" Don't go see this for fun on some Sunday outing with the family. Do go see it on the big screen after a tough day at work or a bad drunk. No steadicam, this film is raw and bloody. If you dug Requiem for a Dream you may like this one, though there's none of that psychedelic and terrifying hallucination stuff here. Same kind of unavoidable human heavy drama, though. Rourke nails it.

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a new slice of Twitter and The Wrestler