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Wednesday, May 06, 2009
lo how a lilac e'er blooming
Listening to:TWiT
Reading:a boring Program Announcement
Weather:54, still raining
There's so much water around here I saw a pair of geese swimming in my meadow yesterday morning. There was about a two acre pond around the creek bottom. It has largely receded as of this morning, but another inch of rain is expected so maybe I'll get a great blue heron tomorrow.

And my RSS reader keeps backing up. Not in the tech sense, in the clogged sink sense. And it's becoming a vicious cycle, since whenever I open it and see 1000+ unread posts it makes me want to shut it rather than dive in. The curmudgeonly Steve Gillmor just posted a rant about the death of RSS on Techcrunch. I don't want to link it because I don't think it's worthy of any extra juice, but there is a little truth buried in there. I do think the river is flooding a bit, but it's not near dead. One thing that Gillmor seems to leave out is that RSS is underneath a lot of the things he says are replacing it (Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed). Lots of people use RSS in conjunction with those apps to filter, direct, and mashup those flows. Lots of what he sees however he uses those includes an RSS feed at some point before it gets to him.

Had a lovely weekend with my grandkids Alan and Jurni. I don't mind changing diapers one bit. Alan is short for diapers, he is happily singing "pee pee in the potty" a lot, and giving it a try whenever it's convenient. His other favorite song to sing? Poker Poker Face. I'm not sure what to say about that.

Time ta make the donuts. But first, downloading Brokedown Palace to my pda.

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lo how a lilac e'er blooming