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Wednesday, June 10, 2009
the most excellent season
Listening to:IGY, Donald Fagen
Reading:Atheist Universe, David Mills
Weather:60, luscious
Spring in WV is a scrumptious reward for enduring winter in WV. This spring has been a particularly juicy one, in part because the winter was pretty rough this year at my casa. Between the glorious weather that keeps drawing me outdoors in my leisure time, several awesome visits from my leetle grandson Alan and family, my daughter's graduation from highschool, an amazing and weatherly-furious long weekend camping at DelFest, and a massive federal grant-writing project at work, my blog has been sadly neglected. Sorry, blog, It's not you, it's me. No, really.

I've posted several videos from DelFest09 on my YouTube channel. My favorite is the erection of the teepee. Stop snickering, you perv. It's an actual Shawnee teepee, and it's actually getting erected in the vid. Here ya go There was a hella microburst that decimated the campground at DelFest. It just wouldn't quit, hailed and blew and rained like a true bitch for over 40 minutes, I've never encountered anything like it. And it's quite a trip to be outdoors in such a thing. Here's one blogger's account of it, and it rings pretty true to my experience, so I'll let him tell you more about it Suffice it to say I ended up in a beer truck after all the EZups and vendor tents around me got blown away one by one. With little bruises all over my legs from hail.

I also posted to my Flickr the photos Lar and I took, here's the set Many of the friends we made at DelFest08 came back, and some we have stayed in touch with all year. TP and Jeremie even made the scene for Liv's graduation shindig and hootenanny. I love those guys! And Ob, too! I wish we could camp together every weekend. And check it out, Jim Morrison bummed a beer from us at DelFest.

Work is hellish. I'm putting together a giant project with a million partners for some fat fed cash. When I'm in the throes of it and getting creative with the groovy partners it's actually kinda fun, but it's a bit of an overwhelming bitch since I already had a more than fulltime job running this agency and serving clients. I am damn glad to have a job, however, so enough whining.

Alan loves the horses in my meadow. About 30 times a day he says "uppy, uppy! let's go see white stripe! let's go see brownie!" Uppy means please pick me up. And he has named the horses brownie, white stripe, and paint. Actually I suspect Pappy gave them those names. The horses' owners have other names for them, of course. I wonder if the horses have names for themselves? Or each other? The two younger ones frequently chase off the older one and don't let her come see us at the fence. Maybe they call her Skank or something.

Time to hang out laundry and head out to work. Looking forward to another lovely spring weekend already and it's only Wednesday.

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the most excellent season