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Saturday, June 27, 2009
the season's first black raspberries
Listening to:windchimes
Reading:census figures
Weather:78, breezy, sunny
I'm writing the dreaded grant proposal that has been ruining my life for the past 2 months. The good news is it's due on Tuesday by midnight so it'll be over. The bad news is, of course, I'm way behind schedule. Let us not discuss this heinous tragedy any further.

On to the groovy news: the black raspberries growing near the top of my driveway are starting to ripen! I picked my first ones two evenings ago when I got home from work, and have been picking and eating a dozen or so several times a day since. I grab my thorn shield - the lid for a large plastic tote - and don my jean jacket before venturing into the bramble. A couple scratches on the back of my hand or around my ankles, so worth it. So sweet and berrylicious.

And what a lovely day today to be out on my covered kitchen porch slaving over a hot tablet pc for work. I have a desk out there and my kitty is taking up about a third of it, all stretched out and lounging to remind me it's actually saturday.

OK, enough distraction, back at it.

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and a big old bear is eating them right behind my house, leaving cute poops.
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the season's first black raspberries