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Friday, July 24, 2009
Aung San Suu Kyi trial almost over
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What a bunch of bullshit. Here's the story as I understand it, with the proviso that I'm no expert on Burma and my access to quality news reporting on the subject is limited here in America: Suu Kyi is on trial for violating her house arrest. If convicted she could get 5 years in prison. How did she allegedly violate her bogus house arrest? Some crazed American fan of hers swam across the lake by her house to get to meet her, and he got busted by the cops on his way back across the lake after staying at her house for 2 days. So he's in trouble, too, but she appears to have had absolutely nothing to do with this guy sneaking over to see her, and merely gave the guy shelter for a couple of days to recuperate after his daring stunt. For this she could be imprisoned for 5 years?

Of course it's absurd. Of course it's all a pretext. Why? Because Suu Kyi is an amazing and revered Nobel human rights leader and activist, a major intellectual threat to the oppressive military junta that has controlled Burma since 8/8/88. They call it Myanmar, but since they are bogus, I don't. They have kept her under house arrest for most of the past 20 years because they know she is the kind of uniting leader who could bring the people back to power in her nation.

She was to be released from house arrest in a month, and the junta claims it will hold elections next year, so they'll do whatever it takes to keep her out of the political process. They held rigged elections in the past, but Suu Kyi is so powerful they fear they couldn't even rig enough to keep her from having a huge impact. They just need a Supreme Court to justify their stolen elections, apparently Dubya is not available as a consultant.

Suu Kyi is not the only political prisoner in Burma, there are thousands. It's easier to play Halo 3 and eat another cheeseburger than to figure out what the fuck is up. But we are not really that far removed from this situation. It could have been you or me born in Burma instead of here the land of milk and freakin honey. Not to invoke endtimes-style drama, but the global reign of America's power won't last forever, there were nations on top before us, and there will be after us, too. Your great-grandkids could be Suu Kyi or one of her fellow captives one day. My great-grandkids.

I don't know what action to take to stop it. I am starting with consciousness and conversation. Stop me on the street and let's discuss, I want to hear your ideas.

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Follow-up: Suu Kyi got sentenced to 18 mo in lock-up, not-coincidentally she'll get out just after the national elections in Burma. That's bullshit.
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Aung San Suu Kyi trial almost over