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Sunday, July 26, 2009
a dingo stole my baby
Listening to:Under the Falling Sky, a live Bonnie Raitt version
Reading:Pygmy, Chuck Palahniuk
Weather:rainy, 65
Just kidding. What does that periodically pop into my head? Don't answer, let's leave some mystery in our relationship.

Ever had a period of time where everything you eat leaves a slightly bitter taste in the back of your mouth? It has happened to me for a few days 2 or 3 times in the past couple of months. It's the kind of thing that I probably would have ignored or dismissed without much thought in the pre-internet era. But now that a shitzillion tiny bits of human experience are available at lightning speed for no additional usage cost to me, I want to look up frickin everything. And I do. So a quick google brings me a first page hit that is dead on. According to this blogger the culprit is quite likely the Chinese pine nuts I've been eating lately.

I have stopped twice in the past couple of months at a really nice grocery store in LaVale MD on my way home from back east (once from Wyomissing PA to see Lar's people, once from Alexandria and Manassas VA to see my people). The store has a substantial bulk section which include pine nuts from China at a very reasonable price. I particularly like being able to get exactly as much as I want, and I think it's likely they are fresher than the tiny jar from Italy in my local grocery store that is ridiculously expensive. I think pine nuts are crazy delicious and have such a unique and groovy texture. So I have grabbed a little bagful on each of these two recent trips. Otherwise I have gone years at a time between eating pine nuts, and probably have always previously gotten Italian ones cuz that's what was in the store.

I started noticing the weird slightly bitter aftertaste of all foods and drinks, something that would go away by itself in a few days. I chalked it up to a little past-nasal drip from allergies or whatever. But after this morning's google I think those pine nuts are the dirty tricksters that caused it. Not that it will get me to stop eating them, but at least I'll know what's the dealio. Thank you, internet.

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Apparently it's called Pine Mouth
and the International Nut and Dried Fruit Foundation has an official position on Pine Mouth:
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a dingo stole my baby