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Tuesday, July 21, 2009
Free is free, at least today
Listening to:TWiT
Reading:Atheist Universe
Weather:73, awesome
I'm taking a morning off from work, super sweet. But my quiet environs are being disturbed by a bigass backhoe digging up Lake McConnell. Lake McConnell is the sometimes-gigantic ephemeral puddle that appears at the foot of my driveway. It has gotten worse over the past few years, you can see water flowing from 2 different directions into it everytime it rains. It doesn't really bother me, but it does wash away the edge of the roadbed where my driveway meets the road, so I supposed some DOH dude decided to play with the big backhoe in it today. Doubt that will have any impact beyond the next big rain. We shall see.

Chris Anderson, editor of the now-ironically-titled Wired mag and author of the digital economics book The Long Tail, has a new book called Free. Also on the economics of digital products, and why giving such stuff away can be profitable. The book is actually available free for Kindle and Audible, at least through tomorrow. I downloaded both, what the hey. I found The Long Tail pretty interesting, though not terribly well-written. Maybe I'll read this one.

And this non-sequitur is brought to you by my second (and clearly unnecessary) cup of coffee today: I remember eating rum buns at Hogate's with my grandmother Zerelda when I was a little kid.

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Free is free, at least today