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Wednesday, July 29, 2009
make yourself a screen
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Weather:rainy, 70
No, not for your bowl, you stoner. I'm talking about for your window. One that fits it perfectly, so you can enjoy the breeze without the bugs.

Several of the screens for my windows at home got more or less mangled over the years. I'll blame most of that on a toddler who is now a college student who shall remain nameless, Olivia. But I did cut the one in my kitchen at one point when it was stuck and preventing me from shutting the dang window. Anyhoo, they are sliding windows, so you really need a screen with an exact fit. I plunked down about $8 for a nifty kit at Lowe's with cut-to-fit aluminum frame pieces, plastic corner joints that slide into the frame, and a roll of spline. I also bought a $3 tool to jam the spline into the frame, not likely to have any other purposes in this lifetime, but merely $3. And I already had a roll of screen. Broke my hacksaw blade but finished the cutting with the Dremel, and voila, perfectly-fitted screen! I actually bought 2 kits and will have enough frame and spline left over to make one more screen, so I'm going to just buy 4 more corner doodads and get me a 3rd screen. Sweet. Breezy.

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Dude! It's so easy even a cave man could do it! Gotta have that spline tool though! :)
Word, grasshopper, without the right tool the screen is unattainable.
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make yourself a screen