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Sunday, July 19, 2009
missed Steve Earle, but that's OK
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Reading:about crocheting
Weather:72, perfect
I was planning to go see Steve Earle for free in South Park (Allegheny County PA)on friday night, but it stormed like a bizzle, first rain in 3+ weeks. So Daria, Randy, Manny, and I ditched that plan and hung out at Daria's instead. No sweat for me, I brought some of that wicked sweet tea vodka and it bit me a little the next day. But it was a perfect Saturday to chill and take naps and watch some lousy Eddie Murphy movies on the idiot box. Liv and her pals went to the monthly Rocky Horror shadowcast, this month was Harry Potter themed, and a pile of them showed up at my house around 4a to crash.

Mr. Titties will be arriving in WV in about a week and half, can't wait! We will all be converging on St. Marys for a long weekend of music and food and drink and smoke and comradery. Absolutely promises to be wonderful, I love these cats and always have a splendid time with them.

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missed Steve Earle, but that's OK