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Tuesday, July 14, 2009
the year without a summer?
Listening to:tv
Reading:just finished 1000 Splendid Suns
Weather:clear, bright, cool 46 last night!!
it got down to 46 degrees last night at about 3:30am on my porch. Quite a summer, so far. I've been sleeping under 2 blankets nearly every night. I'm digging it. But the gardens could use some rain. It rained plenty all spring, then it quit. I've seen this pattern before, it might be a very dry August and Sept.

Did you hear, Michael Jackson died? My little joke, which won't make much sense to a future reader. Suffice it to say no broadcast or print media can have a front page without a dead Michael Jackson story lately.

I should be at work, but I'm dragging ass and taking a little time off this morning. I worked mega overtime last month so I have a pile of comp time to burn anyway. Nice morning to use some.

Worked on production of a short film last night for a contest. Mike Sharley's brainchild, a short about disabilities and employment. It's a parody of Law and Order. We had a wonderful felonious-looking actor for the client, Al Campbell. I will be sweettalking my pal Dave Sweitzer into doing the voiceover work. Gotta get done tonight, the deadline is tomorrow and I have a board meeting at work tomorrow night.

Time to look for inspiration to go to work in cup o'coffee #2.

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An email with a link to the video would pretty much rock my world. :)
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the year without a summer?