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Friday, August 14, 2009
Green Zebra is not an heirloom tomato
Listening to:Huey Lewis, If This Is It
Weather:extremely foggy, can't see the barn
I have one tomato plant this summer. She is growing in a large pot on my front porch, actually on the sunny landing to the front porch since the porch has a roof. It's a Green Zebra I bought from friends at the farmer's market this spring. The friends said all their plants were heirloom tomatoes.

But technically Green Zebra is not an heirloom. It's an open-pollenated cultivatar developed in the mid-1980's from 4 different heirloom plants.

Either way you slice it, I'm stoked to eat the first ripe fruit from this bad boy today. I wasn't sure whether I had a ripe one or not, since they're green even when ripe, so I did a little googling and stumbled on this fact. But I gave that stripiest fruit a little squeeze, and I believe she is ready to eat. Get in my belly!

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Green Zebra is not an heirloom tomato