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Monday, August 17, 2009
Les Paul and John Hughes
Listening to:various podcasts
Weather:hot like a bitch, almost 90 earlier
I loved'em both. Les is not only is the namesake for the screaming humbucking madness called the Les Paul produced by Gibson and exploited by Satan himself through the likes of Neil Young, Jimmy Page, and Slash. He freakin invented multitrack recording. I like to think that was some kind of payback gift to guitarplayers for making Les Pauls so damn backbreaking heavy, jeez those things weigh a ton from 10p to 2a.

And though Ferris Beuller is the big one for John Hughes, I must say the Breakfast Club has always been my favorite. I can't stand chick flicks but I'm a sucka for sappy angsty teen movies. Plus that Tears for Fears track, nothing could have been more perfect.

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Les Paul and John Hughes