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Saturday, September 05, 2009
Listening to:Earth Wind and Fire, September, ba de ya
Reading:Elric Stealer of Souls
Weather:dazzling 70, sunny, light breeze
This weather we've had all week is blowing my mind and making me a happy camper. Clear, 70's, sunny, low humidity. It's like a week of New Mexico or something. Sparkle.

Do you understand Einstein's theory of special relativity? I don't, but I think it has something to do with the notion that matter-energy can impact time and time can impact matter-energy. I think it's about motion and gravity and simultaneity and inertia and stuff. I wonder if Albert Einstein was a happy guy? Wonder if he could enjoy hanging out and drinking a beer with friends? I wonder if he was able to find friends who could understand enough of what he was thinking/obsessing about to have some commonality to enjoy together.

I had a blind friend explain to me the other day about what a visual person he was. He said it blows his mind how he can meet a new person, then when that person walks away he may ask another person who was there with them whether that guy who we were just talking to have a beard or did he have long hair or some such descriptive thing, and the sighted person he asks cannot remember. Can't remember? How can you not remember, you have two good eyes through which you just looked at the dude not 30 seconds ago? But some of us, whether we have sight or not, are just not visual people. We don't organize our minds and thoughts and memories that way. And some blind people do, which I found to be a fascinating notion.

The end-of-summer spider contingent has moved into my house, an annual event that pisses me off. If you've been to my crib you know I'm no Suzy Housekeeper, but I do dust when I get the urge. And I can dust one morning and have just as much to dust again that night these days, all these tiny spiders build these tiny annoying webs everywhere this time of year. They are not the groovy open geometric webs like big outdoor spiders weave, these are just disorganized thready messes in ever window corner and molding edge. Little arachnobastards.

Are you with me Doctor Wu? Are you really just a shadow of the man that I once knew? Are you crazy, are you high, or just an ordinary guy? Have you done all you can do? Are you with me Doctor?

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