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Monday, October 26, 2009
swine flu, spring cleaning in the fall
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I don't want any kinda flu. I've been fortunate to only ever have the flu once in my lifetime, so far. I ain't gettin no shots, either, screw the swine lines. I will likely have less exposure this year, since Livi is living in the dorm. I hope she escapes it, too. She's never had the flu, I don't think, anyway. 1000 have died from this stuff, scary. Time to engage in immune boosting: drink some OJ, think about how strong my immunity is, drink more water.

It happens most years for me, I feel like doing some clutter-busting and related thorough cleaning once the cold part of fall hits. It's spring cleaning but I s'pose I'm time-shifted. I got rid of a truckload of shit at the dump on Saturday, so liberating. Some old fucked up pieces of furniture, various broken stuff, junk. Larry and I took the little truck we just bought (don't ask, I periodically buy an old truck for several hundred bucks and eventually park it in my yard permanently) to the transfer station in motown. Having only been there in the past in my old Ford Ranger which has a cap I didn't know they require your load to be completely tarped down before they'll let you onto the scales. Lucky me! One of the things in the truck I was dumping was an old tent with shredded pole sleeves and ripped zippers. The bottom of the tent is, you guessed it, a tarp, so we just pulled back out, scavenged the tent out of the pile, covered the load with it upside down (it fit perfectly) and pulled back in to hit the scales. Yeah, baby, yeah.

Speaking of scavenging, I had a perfectly scavenged lunch yesterday. I roasted the volunteer acorn squash I harvested from my compost pile, and roasted a couple handsful of chestnuts from Larry's tree. I smashed them both up with some salt and pepper, and it was delicious. Those chestnuts made my kitchen smell fantastic, too. Lovely day, just lovely, colors in full neon regalia, sunny, comfortably cool, little scent of leaf mold in the air, frickin sweet. Even though Facebook disappeared all my friends, I'm content and satisfied. Oh, and even though some stupid football or baseball game nooged my divo of House this past work, blast it, I watched the episode on this puter last night. I downloaded it from Amazon for $1.99. It'll be free from the network's site in just a few days, but it was worth a couple bucks for 45 minutes of guaranteed good entertainment on my last bit of the weekend.

Big downside of the weekend, my daughter's oldest friend, they've known each other since preschool, over 16 years, had a bad thing happen. Her dad had a heart attack. This is always scary, but especially for her and her little sis since their mom has been in a persistent vegetative state for a couple of years. Their dad is somebody I've known for all these years, we're not close buddies or anything, but we've watched our kids grow up together and spent plenty of Halloweens and birthday parties together. He's a sweet smiley dude, an immigrant from eastern Europe, a geeky physicist, a good guy. I'm hopeful, of course, though I know nothing of his prognosis. But I can only imagine that he's feeling particularly fearful of the possibility of leaving his children parentless. I'm trying to decide if we're close enough for me to visit him in the hospital or not, it's all a little weird. I want to do something but what? Probably stop by the house this evening and bring some food and check in on the kids, at least. Bad time for Facebook to let me down, too, it's a perfect vehicle for passively staying informed about the unfolding of things like this.

Wash your hands, dude, there's bad shit out there trying to invade your body.

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swine flu, spring cleaning in the fall