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Sunday, October 18, 2009
tonight will be the first frost in my yard this season
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Reading:The Glass Castle
Weather:36, overcast
It's been such a cold October after a very cool summer. Could mean a wicked cold winter. I've seen a few all-black woolly worms, does that portend a cold winter? I think that's what the Appalachian folk wisdom says. BTW, after their pupal stage they become Isabella Tiger Moths.

It didn't make it above about 37 all day here yesterday, but still hasn't frosted. Tonight's the night, down to the high 20's is predicted here. My friend Jeremie in Deer Park saw snow this morning, which I suspect I'll see tonight or tomorrow morning.

My mom came for a visit on Friday, we all went out to the Kenyan Cafe for supper. It is perfect cold-weather food, all kinda spicy stews. We all checked out the new Alumni Center which had an open house Friday afternoon. Very groovy place, I'm looking forward to getting some invites to cool free stuff there this year. We also stopped in on Mountaineer Madness to look for basketball posters (not in yet, schedule just confirmed) and then went downtown in search of zombies. Score! I couldn't believe how many zombies appeared in the cold rain for the annual Zombie Walk on High Street. The Renfields played and there was a little zombie street theater, sweet. We found warm dry shelter in the downstairs lounge just around the corner at liv's dorm and watched a little Family Guy before leaving liv to come back to my leetle hillbilly chateau in Gladesville. Mom went home yesterday morning. Then I got to enjoy spending the day with my Livi and her dad and her friend Chris at the Meadowbrook Mall, a nice place to walk around indoors on a wet rainy day. Lucky me.

This will be my first winter without a kid at home. But Spring and Joe and 2 yr old Alan and 1 yr old Jurni are planning to move back to the area in January! So maybe I'll have some little people around to play with in the snow. Sweet.

Bramwell Oktoberfest was just outstanding, the best in my memory. Check out my pix on Flickr

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tonight will be the first frost in my yard this season