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Wednesday, November 04, 2009
how much for today, how much for tomorrow?
Listening to:tv
Reading:finished The Road, Cormac McCarthy
Weather:22, sun rising
It'S cold. I've been heating smaller spaces this fall since I'm living here by myself for the first time. livi is at boreman North living the classic college life. It's just me and the cat and the plants and the spiders in this house. I Killed a mouse, don't tell PETA.

this Cormac McCarthy book I just finished was heavy. It got me to thinking about consumption of scarce resources. How much should we save for our kids? Our future selves? The seventh generation? The seven-hundredth generation? Tomorro w? Wouldn't it be stupid to go without today for a future that might never come?

I've thought for along time that stockpiling is generally a bad idea. Shit gets moldy. that's mother nature telling you Stockpiling is stupid. Even money doesnt want to sit still. it's called "currency" because it's a thing that flows. if you amass a pile of it it will likely lose value if it just sits there. So you invest it to help it hold or increase in value, but that puts your lil pile at risk of flowing away. You haveto devote more or less energy to managing your pile once you have one. that's energy. a scarce resource, that you could be expending for today instead Of tomorrow. You Could be playing Mafia Wars instead of reading the stock report.

But if you have a big plate of spaghetti it seems obviously silly to overeat tonight when you could enjoy a fine smaller plate of leftovers tomorrow night. And spaghetti is particularly good leftover.

How many Americans are nearly oblivious to the Madoff story ard related news of retirement funds decimated by various forms of some other fucker's greed? Lots,I imagine, because many Americans have no retirement, no savings, no stockpiles. Just lots of debt, the opposite of a stockpile.

So who's the smart guy now?

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Leftover spaghetti is The Best Leftover Of All Time.
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how much for today, how much for tomorrow?