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Wednesday, November 25, 2009
not a fan of the holidays
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Weather:42, overcast
It's no secret. This time of year is not fave. I dig most of the seasonal changes we get to experience on this lil corner of this lil planet. But just after the leaves have fallen a little dread starts to creep into my psyche. The freakin holidays.

Bah freakin humbug. It's complicated. There are so many expectations, many of which are just unreasonable or unrealistic, and destined to be dashed. I'm generally not a fan of doing the expected, so i'm starting the whole shebang off on the wrong foot. And of course there's all the stress of enforced family interaction. And the annual resurrection of the greeting word-choice battle that simultaneously bores and annoys me.

Plus I'm starting to wonder if the decreasing daylight is fucking with my mind, too. I know that sounds a little too Oprah but I'm feeling uncharacteristically negative these days, and S.A.D. seems like a convenient culprit. This sucks, that sucks, and bla bla bla.

I'm also feeling unusually restless. wtf? I'm sure Livi having moved into the dorm and leaving my nest empty is a big factor, too.

Of course I have tons for which to be thankful, and I'm appropriately grateful and whatnot. But I think I'm grateful most of all for the earth's tilt and revolution around the sun, since that guarantees longer daylight and a post-xmas new year in my near future. frickin sweet.

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amen sister. I have found a holiday trip to manhattan with four operas, mucho tasty restaurants, museums, just me and judy and ten million others from all over the world, is a self-centered anchor I can lean on to help me cope.
*smooch* :)
It's gray and dark and miserable! And very quiet! I'm right there with you.
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not a fan of the holidays