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Sunday, December 06, 2009
weather actually matters around here, it's not just small talk
Listening to:TWiT
Weather:18! Sunny, snowy, sparkly
A beautiful 4 inch wet snow yesterday. Almost entirely unprognisticated by my usually- frustrating local weather guy Josh Fosbrink. He's the same one who virtually never uses the word "precipitation," preferring instead to inaccurately use the word "moisture"daily. I'll spare you the numerous other examples of his amateurish approach to weather forecasting. Except this one: on Friday morning he said something like (I'm very loosely quoting) "maybe we'll see a little snow on Saturday." No mention at all of accumulation. No mention Of the huge snow/rain event going up the Atlantic coast mere hours later. Larry called while I was still watching Josh's forecast to say we should start making snow-contingent driving plans for the WVU bball game which would tip off at 7p Saturday. He said it looked like we could get something like 6 inches of wet snow. I thought he was being alarmist or at least dramatic until I flipped to the weather channel and saw the big picture of what lay ahead. It took basically no weather eduation or knowledge to see we would obviously be on the western edge of dumping accumulating snow. Of course on the edge it is not easy to predict exactly how much snow, but ridiculously easy to predict that we will get some number of inches and to at least frickin mention that we are on the edge of the east's first significant snowstorm this season. So we timed our driving right, no thanks to Josh, who did little more than read the current temperatures around the state, as usual.

And such a lovely snow it was and is, sparkly in this morning stark sub-20 degree sunshine. Dazzling.

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a most lovely first snow it was, indeed!
I love the snow! I wish we got some down South! :(
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weather actually matters around here, it's not just small talk