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Saturday, January 02, 2010
Castlevania Rebirth for the Wii. Weeeeeeeee!
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I know vampires are tragically hip these days. But honestly my glee at the release of the new Wii game Castlevania Rebirth has nothing to do with the Twilight franchise.

I generally suck at video games. I've tried a few of the driving/racing type games, I'm laughably bad. I've tried the killing games, the only ones I ever liked were the zombie variety, cuz they are slow enough for even me to kill. And I kinda like zombies generally. But even back in the arcade days I didn't play much or like many of the games out there. I liked Crystal Castles and Tron, that's about it.

But when Liv got a PlayStation2 when she was in middle school my bud Spud suggested we try Castlevania. There were several different ones, we just haphazardly picked up the one called Symphony of the Night. And frickin loved it! Loved the music, loved the easy old-school side-scrolling gameplay, loved the notion of scavenging for magical items and figuring out what cool surprising ways they worked in conjunction with other items. And it's vampirey, bonus.

But the PS2 croaked years ago and there's never been a Castlevania for the Wii until now (excluding a few of the old ones which required the purchase of an old school controller to add to the Wii gear). And as cool as the Wii technology is I'm not huge on the sporty games that came with it, and I'm too cheap to buy/try many other games. I did by a Brain Games for $5, and it's OK.

But how sweet is it that we have a 4 day weekend, it's frigid and snowy, and a new Castlevania for the Wii came out that is downloadable from the Wii store?!!?! Freakin supersweet, that's how sweet. Still oldschool scrolling. Use the nunchuk. You can attack with a flick of the wrist, or a button if you prefer. Familiar style of castle and critters and whatnot.

Not as infinitely groovy as SOTN, however. No map to periodically consult and fully explore. No sack of badass objects to collect and use. No ability to save and come back, you have to actually start at the beginning every time, yowch. But still, I'm having a pretty fun timing playing it this snowy new year.

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Castlevania Rebirth for the Wii. Weeeeeeeee!