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Wednesday, January 20, 2010
so much for Ted Kennedy's legacy
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I'm trying to avoid this becoming Cat's Deathblog. Just saw on the news that one of my clients died in a fire last night. I can't decide if people around me are dropping like flies, or if that's all I blog about. So in case it's the latter, something over which I can exert some control, here's a post about something other than the freshly dead in my world.

I can't believe a frickin Republican won the special election for Ted Kennedy's seat. Oh wait, that's about another dead person. Dangit. But seriously, I woke up strangely early this morning, turned on MSNBC to see that blithering teabag idiot's acceptance speech. In the 5 minutes I could stomach he offered up his daughters to whatever takers, made some snied remark about how he called up the President and offered to drive his truck to the White House so he could see it, and generally babbled on about American Idol. I'm quite serious, rewind and watch it yerself.

Politics is getting depressing. This healthcare bill has some groovy stuff in it but it will superscrew moderately low-income folks in a brand new devastating way. If you can't afford health insurance, which you can't because they built in NO cost controls (that was the real purpose of the public option, you know, not some great commie invention, just forcing premium prices down with a profit-free choice in the mix), you'll get a federal tax penalty. When you owe the IRS that shit haunts you forever, and it's one of the few debts that will come right out of your Social Security, if you're ever lucky enough to collect some. Do not pass go, do not collect $200, no trial, no due process, your check is just instantly smaller. Cha-ching, the insurance companies' record profits will continue into the foreseeable future.

So maybe I should be glad the Senate Dems lost their megamajority by losing Massachusetts. Let's just hope the yammering new Senator won't ever be in a position to filibuster, who could take hours of American Idol commentary on CSPAN.

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so much for Ted Kennedy's legacy