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Sunday, January 10, 2010
spontaneous sparkles
Listening to:Respect,Aretha Franklin
Reading:Stiff and stuff
Weather:5! sunny and snowcovered, wonderland
When it's 5 degrees and sunny the air is littered with random spontaneous sparkles. It's such a trip. And the perfect reward for enduring this wicked winter, thus far.

It's been like groundhog day here all year. Every morning I wake up and it's 16 degrees and snowing from a leaden sky and there's 6 new inches of snow on my 125 foot driveway. Today was a welcome departure, 9 degrees when I awoke, now down to 5, but sunny and sparkly. Sweet!

And my sweet and wonderful neighbor just ran his little 4 wheeler with a bucket on the front up my driveway several times, so I suspect I can actually break out of here today! I'm aiming for the monthly Haymond Community Center dinner around noon.

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spontaneous sparkles