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Friday, July 30, 2010
Thanks, Willie and Chuck!
Listening to:birdie birdie birdie
Reading:Freedom From Religion Foundation news
Weather:54!! That's right, 54!
I appreciate you guys sending me a shoutout here, I'm glad we're all back together in this little corner of the metaverse. Your two brains are among my favorites on this planet, thank you for the occasional mindmeld!

Glorious morning to be a wild wonderful West by gawd Virginian! I sat on my porch with my morning java and the FFRF newsletter and practically shivered. Outfreakinstanding mountain chill in the air, so welcome in this unusually hot and humid summer here.

Upstairs slept my grandkids Jurni and Alan and their mom and dad Spring and Joe. Nice to get a surprise visit but sad occasion for it: Joe's dad died this week after years of illness. No matter how expected the death and no matter how difficult your relationship it has to suck when your dad dies. The bonds of blood are unique. I'm a big fan of recognizing and valuing chosen family, but I also recognize the power of the absolutely primal feeling you can get when you see your own DNA in another person. Love or hate the person or the feature or the gesture that's like looking in some kind of funky mirror, it's heavy when you know it's over for good.

In case it's any comfort to ya, Joe, you'll be family to me as long as I'm alive, no matter what. You can fuck up pretty badly and still have cat in your corner despite (or perhaps because of) our lack of closely shared genetics.

On a happier note, check this groovy action out, Mother Earth News is throwing a crunchy chewy "A fun-filled, family-oriented sustainable lifestyle event" Go ahead, make fun of me if you want, but I'm grabbing the patchouli and birkenstocks and heading over to Seven Springs on Sept 25 and 26 to groove on some hippie homesteader workshops. Organic gardening, renewable energy, green building, fo shizzle.

Hot damn, it's friday, that special gift to us working slobs. I can smell the freedom of 5p just up ahead! There's a fully diminished seventh chord in the air just waiting to be resolved to tonic! Like ketchup slowly heading out of the bottle toward that steaming burger, anticipation, it's making me wait. Hope yours is as good as mine!

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Thanks, Willie and Chuck!