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Monday, August 16, 2010
it's a tropical rainforest
Listening to:cricket, cricket, cricket
Reading:The Mote in God's Eye
Seriously, it's been hot and humid all freakin summer. When it rains it just makes it worse. It's like living in Laos or something. I woke the other morning and wandered into my kitchen to see the belly of a little frog pressed up against the window above my sink. There was a freakin frog on my window, people.

In the morning and evening when you sit on my porch your conversation is drowned out by the incredible chorus of insects and birds. Your feet make a little peeling sound when you walk on the deck in the morning. The crickets should be studied, for I believe they have successfully located the fountain of youth. There's been one in my bedroom singing all night long for WEEKS.

But it's actually kinda nice. There's purple everywhere, I especially love the ironweed. I know everybody bitches about the humidity with the heat and the discomfort it brings, and believe me I'm sweating at a ridiculous rate, but what the hell, I'm made of water. Just drink more. I'm really looking forward to some cool fall days and nights, but this summer has been a nice diversion from the daily feet of snow this past winter. We get it all here, and that rocks.

Larry's garden in Barbour County is pretty plentiful. We have canned 31 quarts of beans already, and there will be many more to come. The corn harvest is just around the corner. I've been enjoying plenty of cabbage and chilis and cukes and grape tomatoes. The big tomatoes are just starting to ripen. Everything went in late this year, the neighbor's tractor blade got screwed up. But I'm hoping for some good paste tomatoes to make into sauce, too.

Sigh, monday morning, time ta make the donuts.

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it's a tropical rainforest