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Friday, August 27, 2010
Morgantown's Warner Theater closing?
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I have two reasons to believe that the Warner is closing: 1) Facebook posts indicating this month's show will be the last Rocky Horror shadow cast performance and 2) Livi said a friend of hers who works at the Warner said they are closing in early September.

I've done my share of bitching about the Warner, the upstairs theater has a truly lousy projector and in the winter you freeze your ass off watching any of the 3 screens. But it is so nice to have a movie house right downtown, folks who live in South Park and local environs can walk to a show. It's a beautiful old deco-style movie palace, even though it's been a bit chopped up inside.

I hope it's not really closing. They have been the only place around to show a number of small and local films, and some big films the corporate cinemas wouldn't bring here (Fahrenheit 911 was there weeks before it started getting good enough reviews to get shown on the megaplex screens).

And the popcorn's pretty damn good, too.

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Morgantown's Warner Theater closing?