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Monday, September 06, 2010
archival quality
Listening to:Magic, Pilot, in my head (why?!?)
Reading:webular crap
Weather:40! gorgeous
Getting revved up for another day of canning today. But first a little surfing and bloggery.

Boring technical shit: It has taken me many months of occasionally sitting down to try to tweak out the shift of this blog from my old system of ftp'ing from blogger to my local ISP-hosted domain. I won't bore you with the play-by-play, but suffice it to say I have read numerous archaic posts by others about solutions to my particular problems (solve one, create another), lousy forums that google/blogger now offer instead of customer support and actual technical assistance, sourcecode underneath MANY a blog and this blog making minute and gargantuan adjustments to try to get what I wanted, bla bla frickin bla. It was mostly frustrating, occasionally interesting, and kinda fun when I'd get a little bit of positive accomplishment going.

The archives was the last thing bugging me. Now my main domain is being hosted by godaddy, I've moved this blog to a subdomain and blogger forced me away from ftp to google's hosting (it's free but the cost is less control, no tech support, and random changing of how shit works). Because I'm not using a template for the blog I can't just plug in their handy dandy archive widget easily. And I apparently can't get to an archive page's code to handtweak (I used to have a separate page hosted with the rest of my domain's pages linked from the front that had a list of links to all the monthly archive pages). But I could find this code to add to my main page that lists the archives, so even though that's not what I wanted, that'll do, pig, that'll do.

So next up, how to back the blog all up is more critical to me, since I don't have all those pages under my control at my own host. Of course blogger/google can't just have a handydandy backup option to schedule, or a button or some such lovely thing. They don't wantcha to be able to easily puke your old blog into wordpress or tumblr or movable type or whatever the kids are shouting into these days.

It's cold in here, 58 in the house, but I'm not bitching. In fact my fingers are a bit stiff from cold as I sit here and type, but I'm rather enjoying it after the wickedness of this sweltering summer. Too cold this morning to play guitar, though, I can tell ya that. I had a notion when I woke up (btw, being Labor Day and all I figured it was a good day to watch one of those baby birthing shows on a cable channel this morning) to play a little blues, but thought better of it after I realized how slowly my fingers were moving just to change the frickin channel. Later on a little Crossroads is on the playlist. In A, just like Clapton does her. I wonder what key Robert Johnson liked to play it in? The devil probably tuned his guitar to Q# or some shit.

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And the Devil said "That'll do Robert, That'll do"
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archival quality