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Saturday, September 18, 2010
cat got the goo, Small Axe show turned benefit, KitKat speaks
Listening to:Small Axe
Reading:Time Traveler by Dr. Ronald Mallett
Weather:70, sunny, rockin
My failure to treat my late summer allergies has made my mucous membranes petri dishes for other fucker's cold. Sore throat and weird head and all that. It started with some snot and headaches. I've been actively kicking it's ass for 2 days, saltwater gargle and hot pepper therapy. Virus, I will banish ye!

How about this crazy shit? The old Morgantown reggae band from back in the day Small Axe was playing a reunion show at the Blue Moose on Thursday, and apparently soon after banjopicking frontman Vinnie Farsetta had a heart attack. That's no good. Poor guy. I've heard on the Facebook grapevine that he's stable and it wasn't a terribly damaging event, which is good, but still. So the Small Axe show scheduled for last night at Gene's apparently became a benefit concert for Vinnie. Musicians are not terribly likely to have health insurance in this country, I hope he's an exception to that rule.

My cat, who was named KitKat before she came to live with me many years ago, is whack. This is well established. She hunts rodents and bats, brings them into the house to me in varying states of vitality, yet lies on my bed and calmly watches happy healthy mice run across my bedroom floor. She would never eat a bite of human food (except ice cream) until after she got very ill from an infection several years ago, and has since become quite the foodie, even eating the remains of garden salad from my plate. She lost her voice several months ago. It was a mystery to me. She would appear to open her mouth at the usual vocal times of day (time for breakfast, to greet me at the car when I came home from work, when offering dead or dying rodents at my feet, etc.) but no sound would come out. No more meowing at the kitchen door in the mornings to wake me up. But just the other day as I got our of my car I heard a little squeak. It was KitKat! A tiny meow came out this time. It was cool.

I was all set to drive out to hang with my St Marys posse this weekend, even Tommy Titties Teachout is in for the shindig. But this gnarly cold and the nighttime cold air are making me reconsider. I'm thinking my hotpepper and saltwater efforts will be wasted if I go hang out all evening in the great outdoors and stay up late playing music with my mates. The camaraderie would probably boost my immune system, but perhaps not as much as the cold night air might test it. Oh, well. We'll all be together again soon, just a couple months til FredstockPipestemMuthasPalooza 2010.

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We All suffered because of your absence. Last night left us all waiting for FPMP 2010! Fuzzy Mothers Unite!!!
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cat got the goo, Small Axe show turned benefit, KitKat speaks