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Thursday, November 18, 2010
what the hell is up with this blog?
Listening to:Alton Brown yammer about pumpkins
Reading:Red Harvest, Dashiell Hammett
Something funky has infiltrated my code, dagnabbit. I'm getting nooged when trying to view the front page. I deleted the Site Meter script after reading about some dubious shit they were up to with tracking cookies and such, but I don't know that that'll fix her. We'll see. It ain't right that one has to be a minor league code monkey just to keep one's blog afloat.

I'm a slacker, should have been preparing the home and mind for winter by now. But no, I haven't done shit. Well, that's not entirely accurate, I filled up two kerosene cans and unloaded them into my garage. Which sucked. I discovered that the Sheetz in Sabraton where I got 90% of my kero last winter now requires prepay to fill up AND the price went from about $3/gallon last year to $3.59/gallon. Ouch. So I said screw this and went down the road to the AllStar which requires no prepay and charged me only $2.99. So at least my first fill up of the season was $30. I suspect that price will go way up everywhere soon.

Wait, what? Alton Brown is dumping onions and garlic and whatnot into an empty pumpkin to roast in prep for making a pie. What kinda funky pie you makin, Alton?

I've been uploading oodles of video to YouTube from the dreamlike and fantastic Fuzzy Pipestem Fredstock Mutha weekend a couple weeks ago. It takes about a minute a megabyte, so I can get about 2 videos a night up reasonably. So much good pickin! I always miss taping a lot of good stuff because I can run the camera and an instrument at the same time. Note to self: learn to do that.

The Mountaineers have won their first 3 bball games by 34, 24, and 14 so mathematically I expect them to win by 4 tomorrow (2d game of the tourney in Puerto Rico), then lose the next one. But realistically, who frickin knows. Truck Bryant is looking pretty tough, and based on the box score I'd say the Turk got in some trouble with Huggie today. He had 6 minutes of play, went 0 for 2 field goals, and fouled out. Fouled out in 6 minutes, dude.

It's might damn dark out there before I even leave work. And we've got 2 more months before it gets any more daylight than this, amigos. Let's all get real about how it's going to be, like it is every frickin year and you do no planning, but let's devise a strategy for avoiding the lack-of-sunshine blues. SAD, seasonal affective disorder. Instead of getting in the funk and then later realizing it's because of all the darkness, why don't we all plan a sunny trip or get a fullspectrum bulb or something, but just pretending it doesn't happen it just silly.

Kitty, kitty, kitty, dang you stink. Seriously, my cat is stanking up the place sitting next to me on the bed here. She must eating too much snake or something, sheesh.

A'ight, I'm outtie.

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what the hell is up with this blog?