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Sunday, February 06, 2011
thoughts of spring, getting beets to seed
Listening to:sink dripping
Weather:30, snowing lightly
Even though my driveway, which I actually saw almost in its entirety briefly last week, is again covered in snow this morning, I'm thinking about digging in dirt, planting seeds, smashing bugs, and outwitting deer and groundhogs. I don't have a garden at my house, though I grow some tomatoes and herbs in pots. My friend has a bigass garden and I get to help him in it. I'm especially helpful at the end of the summer in the harvest and putting-up stages. But this year I'm dreaming of helping out early.

The beets are among my faves to eat and can. Delicious and beautiful! That rich rose red stains my porcelain-clad saucepots, and I don't give a damn. The jars full of canned beets are the jewels of my pantry. So gorgeous I cleared off a shelf just below the cookbooks and and put the jars there so I could more easily enjoy looking at them.

IMG_2506But the beets never seem to go to seed, so my friend buys seed to plant every year. Never thought much about it, but wtf? How do you get seed? So I googled her up, and it appears they are biennial, and therefore will seed in the spring warmth if you save them over winter and replant in the early spring. Hmm. Might have to try saving a few this year. That will be hard to do, cuz I want to eat every last one, but I could probably be convinced to sacrifice a beet or two for the future of beets. What a freakin hero am I. Heheh, actually, it's simply enlightened self-interest, right?

I took a nap yesterday (oh, Saturday, you wonderful invention) and also fell asleep for the night a bit early, and all that added up to me waking up at 4a today and feeling pretty well-rested. Hmph. Found a movie on IFC just starting called Duane Hopwood starring David Schwimmer and Janeane Garofalo. I read the description blurb, not terribly interesting, but hey it's 4a wouldn't be such a bad thing to be bored back to sleep anyway. Plus it said comedy and I particularly like Garofalo, so let's go.

The movie was pretty decent, set in Atlantic City, but not just in the casinos. It also showed some of the modest homes where the locals live, some boardwalk and beach scenes (yeah, I know they call it the "shore" up in Jersey, but I call it the beach), and one brief scene in Mack and Manko's Pizza, a chain pizza stand I've been to in Ocean City NJ. Good pie.

The story and dialogue were good, some of the acting was good, too, and bla bla bla I watched the whole thing, but what I'm here to bitch about is that this film is not a comedy. Not at all. A few funny lines of dialogue does not a comedy make. That's not very cool, in my book, to just lazily label a movie comedy like that. When you're in the mood for a comedy it's not very cool for somebody to deceptively lure you into a drama. Even if it does offer a few wise cracks.

So beware of those descriptions on your digi cable. And who decides the star ratings, seriously? Some of them are just beyond outrageously wrong.

BTW, after the movie I did go back to sleep for a while, so I booked an outrageous slate of sacktime last night. Sweet! Now the coffee is rocking me out of this chair and hopefully propelling me to do a little housecleaning and attack Clutter Corner here at the back of my office room. But there is one more episode of Breaking Bad on my divo. . .

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thoughts of spring, getting beets to seed