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Monday, March 28, 2011
circles of friends
Listening to:Joni Mitchell in my head
Reading:Beer and The Year of the Flood (2 diff books)
Weather:20, clear
I'm wearing clothes I never wear. I'm getting to those shirts that hang in the closet ignored for years. I've been vagabonding about and partying with various collections of my frickin fantastic friends every spare minute for several weeks now, and my laundry baskets runneth over. Somebody got to wash some damn clothes around here or it's going to get ugly.

It's a form of spring fever. I get that every year, in one manifestation or another. Often times it comes down to seeing various dudes I know ain't looking that good suddenly start looking good. It's like some kind of drunkenness. This year it's taking the form of saying yes to every invitation to travel within about a 3 hour radius for any shindig, hootenanny, or hoedown one of my fabulous friends is putting together. I'm in. Save me some floor space. Guitar and knapsack already in the car.

This is not a bad thing. Well, except for the accumulating piles of dirty clothes thing, but what the hell, I'm living in the wealthy west where we have machines that scrub all that dirt and funk away while we go entertain ourselves. It's all good, actually. Each circle does it a little differently, but generally the elements are the same: we share in the bounty of the earth in food, drink, and smoke, we play music in small groups pulling out our cherished greatest hits as well as a new tune or two, we welcome a newcomer or two to the circle brought in by a trusted member of the group, we talk in smaller subgroups about political theory, science, literature, and basketball, and we catch up about our parents and children. And it starts and ends with hugging.

This is how it has gone down for me in Wyomissing, Charleston, Waverly, and Morgantown lately. Couldn't have been more delightful and recharging each time. How did I get so lucky?

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circles of friends