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Wednesday, March 02, 2011
Listening to:flutter
Weather:30, sunny
Crocuses have poked their heads up, plenty of robins, Larry saw blooming coltsfoot yesterday, it's getting all kinda springy up in here, and I'm so ready. I ordered some trees from A hawthorn, the bluebirds like the berries, a couple of pears, a tart cherry, they threw in some forsythia and a red maple. Stoked for spring!!

All manner of shit is hitting the fan north Africa, autocrats getting toppled, cries for democracy. Sadly I doubt any of those folks will end up with democracy. I think they'll end up with islamist governments they won't like, either. It'd be cool if that didn't happen. Good luck, y'all.

Larry's dad, Big Larry, not doing well at all. We visited him in the fancy schmancy nursing home last weekend. His mental capacity has diminished significantly just since last visit. He's mumbly, very confused, picking at himself a lot, seemed disturbed. It sucked. They said he was dehydrated and wanted to give him IV fluids, but he would surely just pull a needle out from the discomfort. But he read a headline in the paper, so he can still see well, at least. It's generally not pleasant for many folks who get to their mid-90's. Hard to know how to help them have a groovy day. We brought homemade chocolate chip cookies.

I buried my sweet KitKat beneath her favorite spruce tree. I hope to make her a mosaic to put there as some kind of monument. She was a cool little creature, it was nice of her to hang around here all those years. No more cat food to buy, no more little kitty running down my driveway to greet me. I'm going cat-free for a while. But if the rodent and snake population starts going up, I'll be on the lookout for another feline.

Time to hit the road, work calls. Mountaineer hoops tonight.

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