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Friday, May 13, 2011
royale wedding with cheese
Listening to:Jerry Townsend presenting
Reading:OS Card, Magic Street
Weather:80, sticky
Funny what seemingly random things you remember and forget. I could hardly ignore the hoopla regarding William and Kate's wedding. Saw the crazy hats. Reminded me of the trip I made with my mom in 1977(ish?) to England.

Her brother was working on his doctorate at University of Essex and living in a groovy little town called Something on Something. His wife and 2 boys were living there, too. It was the Queen's Jubilee year. We didn't have much $ but it was a cool opportunity to get to go abroad and have a free place to stay, so tally ho, off we go. My mom was married at the time to a jackass, but that's a whole 'nother Oprah, who was in the CIA and would meet her in Brussels for a few days during our trip while I stayed with my auntie and uncle. I was like 11 yrs old and my auntie put me on a bus to Colchester for the day by myself, my mom bout shit when she later found out. I was too scared to go more than a block from the bus station once I arrived for fear I wouldn't be able to find my way back in time for the bus back. I bought a note and a pen and some post cards.

So I remember these little details but very little of the actual big stuff like what it looked like inside Westminster Abbey.

Back to the future, during the weddingy coverage on the Today Show a commercial came on for who knows what. The soundtrack of the commercial was Brass in Pocket by The Pretenders. I was immediately drawn back to 1980. I could hear and see my buddy in the neighborshood, Sherry Haberly, singing that song. We were hanging out at her house, she was microwaving some instant rice, and singing "gonna use my style, gonna use my sidestep, gonna use my fingers, gonna use my my my imagination. . ."

How on earth did my brain pull that up?

Maybe it's just the music thing. There's alwayss a soundtrack that I'm aware of, maybe my brain just organizes history by the notes and the rhythms.

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royale wedding with cheese