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Friday, June 03, 2011
some years it's lilac
Listening to:Alan and Pappy chat
Reading:Magic Street
Weather:50! sunny, gonna get to 80
This year it's honeysuckle. In the spring sometimes when I'm driving with the windows down, heading to work or home, mind wandering, I am suddenly hit with an intoxicating floral smell. Some years it's early when the lilacs are in bloom. Some years it's a flowering tree that I don't know the name of, it has compound little leaves and clumps of small white flowers, kinda hanging like grapes, totally luscious almost fruity scent.

This year it's a little later, it's right now and it's honeysuckle. You get blasted with a smell good enough to eat just randomly along the two-lanes. Such a nice surprise every time it happens.

It's time to keep a lookout for future black raspberry and blackberry scores along the roadsides. They are starting to flower, and you can see the arch of the canes dotted with white flowers as you drive. I like to keep a mental inventory of where the big patches are for when the berries start to ripen. Me and the bears are big fans of those dark berries. Especially black raspberries. You can't get them in the store, and they are beyond delicious. Last year I picked a lot, both at my house and out along the backroads and paths, and froze a bunch. Then later we made jam. I tried to make them seedless, but the black raspberry especially has small seeds many of which pass through my apple saucer. So the jam have seeds, but not tons.

I got kicked all night by a little Alan sleeping next to me, which kinda sucked, but this morning I got a cute little 4 yr old boy who crawled up in my lap and snuggled for a while. Worth it.

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some years it's lilac