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Sunday, July 10, 2011
Chitra Ganesh at the Warhol, and the Oxford comma
Listening to:Shine by Kevin Reeves
Reading:Believing Brain
Weather:gorgeous, sunny, 65
Nice trip to Pittsburgh yesterday with Lar, Liv, and Chris to see the Chitra Ganesh opening at the Warhol. Google her, she's awesome. Lots of bright colorful paintings and collages loaded with Hindu imagery and comicbook style. Some psychedelia, too. We listened to her present about her influences and work evolution, enjoyed a reception of free killer cookies and coffee and whatnot, and then started at the top (7th floor) and made our way down, as usual.

My favorite part is always the silver clouds room. Interactive. Big silver mylar helium-filled balloons shaped like rectangular pillows float around and you can push them and bounce them off each other and at your friends. They lazily float up and down with the aid of a couple of small fans. It's just delightful, really. Such a reward for looking at sometimes challenging sometimes boring sometimes weird art.

Who knew it had a name? The comma that some people use and some people don't between the second-to-last item in a series and the preposition that follows it. For example, the comma after "Warhol" in the following sentence: "We went to the Strip markets, the Warhol, and Loving Hut vegan restaurant." Some cool new acquaintance of mine from the Glitch beta community put on her Google+ profile that she's hot for the Oxford comma. WTF is that, I wonder, so I google it up. Sweet. I'm hot for it, too. It really gets on my freakin nerves sometimes when people leave it out. But apparently there's controversy about it's use, especially in American English. I've got shit to do or I'd lay down a variety of fine-ass examples of why it mostly works and a few where it causes ambiguity. I suspect you'll google and find that stuff yourself. Or not. Suitchaseff.

Speaking of shit to do, my dirty kitchen is calling and my internet is hinky, so I'm off like a prom dress. Enjoy this beautiful sunday, like me!

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Chitra Ganesh at the Warhol, and the Oxford comma