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Friday, July 08, 2011
news of the world
Listening to:Sara Bareilles in my head
Reading:The Believing Brain
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What a surprise, Murdoch killed a publication. Apparently this tabloid has been around since 1843. Lately they've been hacking into phone accounts of various people including crime victims and have been bribing law enforcement. Sounds like pretty standard journalism from a Murdoch franchise (like Faux News and the Wall Street Journal).

But for a 70's pop music junkie such as meself News of the World means something else entirely: my first Queen album. 1977, a truly pivotal year in Western popular music, is when this record came out. It's got your Queen classics We Will Rock You and We Are the Champions on it. But it also has some truly delicious rock and roll including Spread Your Wings and It's Late (listen to the crisp yet crunchy guitar sound, Brian May is genius!), and luscious piano ballad All Dead, All Dead, and Freddie's lovely torchsong Melancholy Blues.

That would be the first of many many Queen albums I would save my money to buy. Got those cool green robots wreaking havoc on the cover, too. I never knew pop music could have so much breadth and depth until I heard this record. I wore the bloody thing out, practically. It was back in the days of vinyl, I set that arm on repeat and listened over and over to the same side, then flip, over and over for the other.

Shit, no more time to reminisce, gotta go to work. It's late, it's late, it's late, but not too late.

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news of the world