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Monday, July 04, 2011
sweaty foraging for summer bounty
Listening to:TWiT
Reading:The Believing Brain, Shermer
Weather:delightfully overcast
There's a lil black kitten, maybe 5 or 6 mo old, hanging out around my porch lately. He/she won't let me pet her, but she's happy to eat meat scraps and cake. Doesn't like milk.

It seems like a good year for just about every food plant that grows around here. I'm trying to stay posi on this, but I keep getting the creeping feeling that for most foods a good year is often followed by a not-so-good year, so next year. . .I guess we should just harvest a lot and preserve this year, just in case.

I have gotten serious about the black raspberries this year, for this and other reaons. I am scratched up, often bloody, purple-fingered, and happy as a pig in shit. I've been trying to pick berries at least 2 or 3 days a week, more pressure since the season is ending. Next up, blackberries. I keep paper bags in the car, I have saved them from fast food and chinese takeout, and I'll typically gather 1 to 3 cups of berries on my way home from work. Then I spread them out on the little metal trays from a toaster oven and put them in the freezer (it's a side by side, hence the need for the small trays), then once frozen I pack them in ziploc bags. I've got enough to make plenty o'jam some cold day this winter when I'm glad to be over a hot stove for a few hours! Hell to the yes. And after the blackberries will be elderberries, which locations I've been mentally cataloging while they bloom these days.

Let freedom frickin ring, Imma go see the Motown Municipal Band this morning a the riverfront. Nice overcast morning, I hope it lasts a little longer.

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sweaty foraging for summer bounty