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Tuesday, July 12, 2011
testing Google+
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If my usage is any indicator, Google+ has more chance at traction that the ridiculous Wave or Buzz ever did. I wrangled an invite to the beta through Glitch the game. Therefore my Circles are mostly loaded with Glitchsters. So far I've found myself fairly quickly (a few days after joining) spending an almost equal amount of time in the morning and evening checking in on Google+ as Facebook.

As is the case with all the social networks on the web, and in RL, too, my participation is largely dependent on how many and which of my friends are using. Facebook is loaded with my actual friends, as well as a boatload of my acquaintances. Google+ so far is mostly my fellow Glitch gamesters, most of whom I have only a limited game-style connection with. But Google+ is broadening that, I've already seen some location stuff create connections I wouldn't likely have made. For example I posted about the thunderstorm that passed through here last night and tagged it with my location, easy since I was using my Xoom tablet on my porch at the time, and it started a comment thread that included a gamer mentioning her DC burbs location. That's my old hood, I commented back. I also noticed on the mobile version of Google+ that I can scroll sideways to "nearby" and see a stream of posts from locations within some 30 mile radius of here when my location identifier is turned on. Very interesting and full of possibility. Even for us non-city dwellers.

I hear that ditty on NPR that means it's 8:00a, time to get my ass to work.

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testing Google+