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Saturday, September 17, 2011
You new girlfriend/boyfriend
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Have we already had this conversation about how I'm finding it a bit disconcerting that I deduce from your social media posting about your new girlfriend/boyfriend that you've left your wife? It's starting to get on my fucking nerves a bit. It really shouldn't bother me. It was a little jarring when just before finishing packing the car for a camping trip a year or two ago I check my Facebook and see that a close family member of mine has changed her relationship status from "married" to "it's complicated."

Wtf? Of course it's complicated, you're married, dumbass. A couple of more distant friends/acquaintances recently gushed about the new girlfriend on a post (one Facebook, one Google+) which sent me to click over to their profiles to see if status had changed. Yeppers, there it is. And one started posting about new boyfriend causing my astonishment since she was married to another chick already. Oy.

I wonder, did these things happen around me in my obliviousness before, and then perhaps right themselves again later without me knowing? Or did they just happen and I never knew or forgot I didn't know at some long future point? Why do I even give a shit about getting mildly startled by these nonchalant one-offs that reveal something I consider to be substantial news?


I'm kinda tiring of the whole gay marriage discussion in part because I find most marriage to be bullshit anyway. Why fight for something that really just a government stamp of approval on who you decide to regularly lay anyway? Why give perks and preferences to married people over unmarried? Why does the Social Security tax coming out of Sally's paycheck only get to support her partner if she's legally married and he's a dude? She pays the same tax either way, but gets less benefit (WAY less benefit) from it if she's not fulfilling some very old very tired fairytale that wrinkly white guys continue to impose on us all. I'm pretty confident you're no less likely to live happily ever after if you choose to do it alone, or with 3 dudes, or somebody whose genitalia looks pretty much like yours. Divorce rates are pretty high (especially among xtians because god apparently hates them (Oh relax, I kid. Imaginary critters can't actually hate.)).

I say let's abolish marriage and all the stupid undeserved privilege that attaches to it. Everybody on equal footing to strike his or her own bargain with the apple of his or her eye. A brave new world of relationship statusi on Facebook and the like. Don't you think you'd be on somewhat better behavior with your significant others if you had to design your own contract, and rather than for perpetuity it had, say, an option for renewal after a specified period? Yeah, I think you would.

And that might just happify a few more campers, I believe. Add a little more mindfulness into the mix. Think for yourselves rather than just assume the one-size-fits-all will actually look good on your pudgy ass.

Not like there much room for more bumper stickers on my old Honda, but I believe it's about time for me to slap on one of those "Subvert the Dominant Paradigm" ones. Preferably with sparkles.

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You new girlfriend/boyfriend