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Saturday, October 15, 2011
some kinda ecstasy got ahold on me
Listening to:Bruce Cockburn
Reading:Breaking the Spell, Daniel Dennett
Weather:48, windy, partly sunny
I'm sitting inside at my computer rig watching the fall winds blow. I guess you can't really see wind, but I'm having a moment of appreciation that the remaining leaves are trying hard not to get knocked off the little oak tree at the fenceline while I'm comfortably chillaxing in my windless office room. It's all somehow amazing today, why, I don't know. Some kinda ecstasy got ahold on me.

Maybe it's the supercool beernight evening I shared with my buds last night. Maybe it's the buckets of apples and baskets of pears I have on my porch and in my kitchen, all of which came to me free (though I got a couple of multiflora rose thorn pricks picking apples). Maybe it's the badass pies and sauces and jams I've been making from them. Maybe it's the visit I'm getting from Spring and Summer and Alan and Jurni later today. Maybe it's the Occupy movement that is gaining momentum and, though a little vague in its ambitions, is a little ray of hope that the wage slaves are awakening from the consumption fog. Maybe it's the cool wallpost I got from hippie Walt on

But I know what it is. It's just a sweet constellation of neurons inside my head. I think of myself as my consciousness, my mind, an intangible metaphysical thing. But it's all just neurons. It's all just a physical thing, just anatomy. My mind is actually my body, and vice versa.

Which brings me back to other pieces of my anatomy, specifically (not that, you perv) my left heel, which has been giving me trouble for a few days. I can't decide if it's plantar fasciitis (which my mom has had, adding fuel to that theory) or a heel spur. Either way it makes walking painful, especially when I first get up in the morning. And it hurts in a weird part of the step, like not when I'm on my toe, not when I'm on my heel, but partway in between, youch! I've had the true great fortune of rarely having aches or pains to complain about, and I've tended to give short shrift to the pains people bitch about, considering them to be pussies. But now I'm starting to have a little extra sympathy for those complainers. OK, so I've learned that lesson, this pain is now no longer needed in my ankle, it may move on. It's harshing my mellow.

Did I already mention recently that nameless somebody pulled out some actual Afghan Kush the other night in nameless place at nameless event? Oh holy shit, what a perfume, both in the bag and in the bowl being combusted. This planet provides some extraordinary delights for the senses, no? My friend at work brought me fresh figs picked from his tree yesterday, deliciousness you just can't buy. Just a constellations of molecules, I know, but damn, y'all.

Alright, enough of my silly ecstasy already. Tonight is the Zombie Walk, and I made some cool little flyers to pass out: picture of a crucified zombie jesus, says "he died for your sins, then he came back for your brains!" Then under that my caption "don't be a zombie, think for yourself!" and up the side "you've been touched by an atheist." Promises to be a fun night.

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OK, Now I'm jealous... (and my mouth is watering...Afghan Kush you say???
And the pain sounds more like Plantar F., which Jan and I have both had.
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some kinda ecstasy got ahold on me