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Wednesday, February 13, 2013
lookin back
Listening to:If You Really Love Me, Stevie Wonder
Reading:Peter McWilliams
Weather:31, overcast, a little snow on the way
Shameful how I've ignored this blog all year. Blame it on the Facebooks, sucking my brain drippings.

What got me here today was seeing a new Point of Inquiry podcast, an interview with Scott Sigler! Scott is a science fiction writer who I discovered back in the early days of podcasting. I was an avid listener of the Daily Source Code hosted by Adam Curry. Yeah, that Adam Curry, tasty long-haired VJ from back in the early days of MTV. Adam, the podfather, was kinda one of the inventors of podcasting, we're talking 2005. I had lots of reasons to want to listen to this guy.

  1. He's a hottie
  2. He was born in Arlington VA, a few miles away from where I was born in Alexandria VA
  3. He was born in 1964, I was born in 1966
  4. He had one teenage daughter during this early podcast period, I had one teenage daughter at that time
  5. His child's other parent was born on April 7, 1949, my child's other parent was born on April 6, 1949
  6. He was into emerging, creative, decentralized web broadcast technologies, me, too
  7. He went to college in West Virginia (Salem), I went to college in West Virginia (WVU)
  8. He's an avid conspiracy theorist, me, too
  9. Do you really need more?

Back to Scott Sigler. So back in those days in 2005 it was a small podcast world, e'rybody knew e'rybody. Adam, and the few other popular podcast personalities, regularly played promos from other podcasts. There was a burgeoning serialized fiction podcasting thing happening, especially with scifi writers. Scott had written a scifi novel called EarthCore that he had been shopping to publishers for a few years with no luck. So he decided to podcast it, reading a chapter a week available for free audio download. He set up a website with a chat board so listeners could discuss and interact with each other and him. Somehow I found it and started listening. Loved it. I was using a podcatcher called iPodder Lemon(before the days of iTunes offering podcasts). I chatted with Scott on the board and via email, since I was an avid audiobook listener I had some hopefully constructive criticism about his podcast, mostly related to tempo and audio quality. He was cool about it. I heard his promo on the DSC one day, emailed Scott a congrats, since it would get thousands of potential listeners linked to his book, and he emailed back that he didn't even know Adam had played his promo and he was totally stoked! Long story shortened, Scott eventually got over 5000 people downloading his weekly chapters, and leveraged that into a book deal, and by now has published lots of scifi novels and is making bank doing it.

Fastforward to 8 yrs later, I see Scott's name on a high quality atheist podcast. Sweet. Looking forward to hearing what he has to say. And btw, EarthCore is a gripping high-action scifi book, I recommend it.

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Glad you're back!

Chuck Conroy
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