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Sunday, March 24, 2013
it's getting to my head
Listening to:spring fever, orleans
Reading:some shrt form Alinsky
Weather:high 20s, snowing 8+ expected
So predictable. Even though it's crazy cold and snowy still, and will be for at least into the first week of April for shit's sake, the big wheel has turned and cat's annual spring fever is in full swing. Clockfuckinwork. Every year it's the same, all the boys start looking amazing, and I start rationalizing all manner of moral compromise regarding the married ones. Oy, will I ever grow up? Well, apparently not this year, anyway.

Got my mind all tangled up with impure thoughts about one in particular, that's never good. Let's leave it at that.

Seriously, 8-12 inches of snow expected through tomorrow night, and this after the prognosticating rodent called for early spring. I have a little sack of onion sets i'm jonesing to plant. I have visions of white mulberry dancing in my head. Oh, btw, saw in several posts of varying likely veracity on the web today that homemade root hormone is as easy as chopping up a small willow branch complete with leaves and soaking in water. Heh. Was denkst du darĂ¼ber? What possible harm? Like none, so on with that show.

It's partly the springfever thing prompting this silly thought, but i'm a big fan of bones. Bones of every definition, i'm a fan. Got various critter skulls i've collected on woods walks adorning the porch and living room. Got a pile of deer bones bleached from sun out in my giant satellite dish. Other kinda bones? Yep, they are all cool for cat, she said reaching an 80's britpop allusion.

So love is in the air, no sense fighting it. Tally ho!

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it's getting to my head