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Thursday, April 25, 2013
sweet sweetness
Listening to: Crowded House, It's Only Natural
Reading:Creating A Godless Community by Jesse Smith
Weather: fuckin stunning beautiful 50's sunny
Spring is the sweetest season. Literally. The greens are so sweet when they are new and tiny. Try eating dandelion greens in July, that shit is bitter nasty. But now, delightful. My apple trees are blooming, the light pink blossoms smell sweet and perfumey. The boys are looking so delectable.

Holy shit, have you ever listened to Crowded House? Yeah, I know you like Something So Strong back in the 80's, and you enjoy the various covers of Don't Dream It's Over. But have you actually listened to these guys? These brothers are terrific writers, gorgeous fresh harmonic progressions, groovy melodies that work great in two-part harmony, lyrics that just stop you in your tracks. Nice performances and arrangements, too, sweet post-Beatles danceable pop, dead on vocals, horns, clean guitars. Check out this track It's Only Natural, then try on Four Seasons in One Day. Fuuuuuuuuuck, truly sweet sweetness.

But the word "sweet" has developed a little sour edge for me lately. Aside from the fact that it is obscenely overused, by me and all the rest of you dorks, I recently encountered a subculture where it is overused and in an ugly way. Now this presupposes that reality tv is real, so skip to the next paragraph here if you are a skeptic. I saw on Sister Wives, a show I totally freakin love btw and can't get enough of, that there are polygamous sects of mormon where the subjugating patriarch admonishes the women and children to "stay sweet" which in assholespeak means "obey." Heh. That really chaps my ass, they way they stole one of my fave responses and twisted it to the shitty. Not cool, p'lygs, not cool. Probably won't alter my usage, but still.

Sweet sweetness also reminds of me of the cool MMORPG I used to play in beta that went south last year, Glitch. When you levelled up, trumpets played a lil fanfare and the screen said Sweet Sweetness! I really miss that game. Great community. Lots of creative and hilarious allusions in game, cool art, holiday treats (ie. you could only bake Pi on March 14, carve pumpkins on Zilloween), collecting stuff and making stuff, very clever and funny players. It was the only online game I ever played that was fun and interesting enough to stick with.

Got some sweet sweetness in real life the other night, got to sit in with the Short Bros with the mighty sweet Deniz the Turk Kilicli on lead guitar. At Genes, lovely old neighborhood bar that is generally filled with groovy people and many old friends. There was moonshine and nuggets. The Shorts put on a helluva show, as always, and Deniz sounded great, too. They had Lynn King playing bass and he was uncle funky all night long. Good times had by all.

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sweet sweetness