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Friday, August 30, 2013
I L'd OL, I amuse myself so easily
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Not in a dirty way, you perv. I was just flipping back randomly, well almost randomly, through my old blog posts, mostly looking at entries from this time of year in previous years. This even though as Kerouac rightly says, comparisons are odious. But I saw this one and thought it was rather hilarious.

I have absolutely no independent recollection of the kid giving me the finger in the elevator. The snake I remember. Never did find that snake.

My nest is empty now, both of snakes and of the kid who freaked over that one. But I had the great fortune of hanging out with her last night. She and I picked her dad up and went to the Barbour County Fair, as is our annual tradition. Sometimes we have other kids with us, sometimes grandkids, sometimes just Larry and I go. But we rarely miss it.

It's a big one. So many cars they have a satellite parking lot they shuttle you back and forth from when the huge main parking area gets full on Friday and Saturday nights. This year we went on Thursday, rather than our usual weekend visit. Mellower, but still big, crowd, and way shorter lines at the food booths, a good thing. Believe it or not, we skipped the funnel cake, bellies full of lemonade and french fries and soupbeans and cornbread.

We always check out the 4H exhibits and the canning and fresh fruit and veg displays on our walk from the picnic tables to the midway. This year was the first one that Larry entered some stuff. He entered 8 jars of stuff we canned and 5 fresh veg, all 13 from his fabulous garden. He got tons of ribbons! A blue one for the pickled beets!!! Several red and white ribbons, too, nearly all his stuff got ribbons. It was awesome.

How did I become such a country girl? Raised in the burbs, just outside the beltway, all TV and sidewalks. Now I just want to push away from the crowded neighborhoods, toward the trees and pastures, hunt wild food, spend summer Saturdays over steaming canning jars, and talk about the weather because it actually matters around here. And watch Breaking Bad's final season.

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I L'd OL, I amuse myself so easily