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Sunday, September 28, 2014
spectacular early fall
Listening to:birdsong
Reading:Year Zero: A Novel
Weather:48, sunny

Sunny, warm days, cool nights, sugar maples just starting to turn. We are still canning beans every weekend, every weekend Larry says "I think the beans are about done." Pickled beets and peppers well underway. I canned some peach (from Romney) and apple (from my yard) pie fillings after discovering Clear Jel is the ticket for homogenized texture that doesn't break down. Google it, it's a modified cornstarch made from waxy maize. Next up, apple sauce. After these last 4 pintnahalf's of beans.

I didn't make it to my 30th highschool reunion. I'm still trying to figure out if I have some kind of unique highschool Alzheimers or something, cuz Facebook has become the conduit for me realizing I only know like 30 of the 700+ people in my graduating class. Yet they all seem to know each other and remember amazing detail of that 4 yrs of life. I can't tell ya shit. What's up with that?

This blue sky with puffy white clouds is a bit stunning this morning. The daylight is decreasing at the most rapid rate, so 8:17 still looks early these days, sun still streaming in at a steep angle, coming up more and more to the south. I can't see how any person who has ever come to or through WV this time of year would ever find a reason to leave. Every curve in the road offers a new beautiful vista. Wild and cultivated food is all around you. Water, air, earth, all offering the perfect environment for humans here. If you can forget for a moment the looming dangers of frack destruction and whatnot, you can realize you're actually in paradise. Why shouldn't you deserve paradise?

Back to the beans.

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spectacular early fall