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Tuesday, November 10, 2015
not on Rex Manning Day!!
Listening to:car wheels on wet road
Reading:The Moral Arc, Shermer
Weather:rainy, 53
No snow yet this year. But you know it's coming. Time to build a kitty shack on the porch for my too many cats. Mary and Kate, the white girls with a blue eye and a gold eye, keep tagging along with their mama black Peaches as if they aren't full grown and bigger than her. But Tupac, Biggie, Bootsy Collins, and Half 'Stache are independent enough to sometimes take a while to get to breakfast. The chocolate-eyed FlavorFLav seems to prefer life under the spruces than the porch, though he's usually paying attention to the status of the food dish.

Uncle Peaches comes around once a week or so, he's a big white boy, very snuggly. I think he's sleeping amongst the deer, he always comes home with multiple ticks great and small.

It's so dark, only a month and a half to solstice. Hunker down, kids, you know the drill.

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not on Rex Manning Day!!