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Sunday, September 18, 2016
the snakes were getting thirsty
Listening to:Big Country
Reading:just finished Hillbilly Elegy
Weather:rainy front, 77
Good it finally rained some, it was getting pretty dry around here. Haven't seen any snakes but it was just a matter of time. Though perhaps the gazillion cats living in and around my porch kept them away.

I don't blog much anymore, I guess I get my expressive yaya's out by my near daily facebook rants/raves/mehs/memes/pix. But it's like fast food, satisfies the craving easily and cheaply but makes ya feel a little McRegret not long after and inspires a vow to do something realer and better and more deliberate and better for ya next time.

Speaking of cheap and easy, I'm fully addicted to La Croix flavored sparkling waters this hotass summer. Grapefruit, apricot, berry, lemon, what's not to love? Add a splash of juice, maybe a little vodka, slice of lime. Or just drink it straight from the pretty colorful can, which is what I do about 93% of the time. I should be a paid spokeswench for these people, it's ridiculous. I get a little nervous when I only have like 20 cans left on the shelf in the kitchen, or fewer than 3 different flavors. The hell.

I just finished up learning Waste by Smash Mouth. Nice acoustic guitar tune, nice and dark the way I like my, well, everything.

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the snakes were getting thirsty